Frequently Asked Questions

What are the stamps?

Stamps are pieces of plastic that interact with mobile devices. When you touch a stamp to the screen of a smartphone or tablet, the device can uniquely identify the stamp and then it triggers an event based on what digital asset the stamp is linked to. This digital interaction can be changed and managed in the cloud. This means stamps can trigger different events over time or to different users.

The stamps can be used in a number of ways, including verifying a purchase, opting into a marketing campaign, confirming a user’s identity, and more! 


How do they work?

The stamp is made with a combination of conductive and nonconductive materials. When touched to the screen, the stamp is recognized by the phone, similar to how the phone recognizes your finger. 

What do they do?

The stamp is a simple solution to a complex problem. Namely, closing the gap between physical and digital.

Our stamps are being used to RSVP VIPs for award shows, power loyalty apps for small and medium-sized businesses, give away music at live events, unlock exclusive never-before-seen video content, and collect emails in exchange for free giveaways.

How are the stamps better than QR codes, NFC, or Bluetooth Beacons?

QR Codes

QR codes are free to make and easy to use (if you have the right app on your phone) but easily copied or spoofed and require users to install a third-party scanner. Most people have a negative experience with QR codes.

Stamps are nearly impossible to copy or spoof. They also work on any mobile webpage or native application with our libraries/SDKs installed.


NFC doesn’t work on iOS devices. Moreover, NFC requires power or batteries for its readers or terminals.

Stamps 2.0 work on all iOS and Android devices! That's right, we finally figured out how to make stamps that work on almost all smartphones out there. Stamps are platform agnostic and have no batteries, no radios, and no antennas, which means no power needed!

Bluetooth Beacons

Beacons definitely have their uses, but they also have a number of challenges that must be accounted for, such as maintenance and making sure people have their Bluetooth turned on.

We highlighted six big challenges in a recent blog post.

Stamps last forever... They have no batteries, and they are easy for anyone to use! 

Why should I buy a kit?

The best way to get started with Snowshoe Stamps is to pick up a 2-stamp Mini Kit. Two stamps give you just enough flexibility to experiment with a few different use cases, build your first demo and to experience the magic.

Not technical? Don’t worry! We’ve built a couple demos for you already that work with the Mini Kit stamps right out of the box.

More Questions!

How big are the stamps?

Our stamps are 50mm x 50mm (around 2"x 2").

Can I customize the shape of the stamp?

Due to the cost of cutting new tools we only support custom form factors for stamp orders with over a million MOQ.

Can the handles be a different color?

Yes! You can order a custom handle color with orders greater than 5K MOQ. Please contact us and we will help you through the process. 

Are stamps brandable?

Yes! Both the prototype and Stamps 2.0 are brandable via vinyl stickers on the top of the stamp. Here's a link to our sticker templates.

Which programming languages do you support?

We maintain libraries for jQuery, Ruby, Node, Python, and PHP as well as native libraries for both iOS and Android. Learn more about library support here.